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Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Battery 3
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A talented and dedicated music educator, songwriter, composer, guitarist, and arranger, Eric LeMarier has been involved with various musical ventures in the New England music scene.

Trained professionally at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, LeMarier studied and taught music privately while pursuing guitar performance and music education as majors. He graduated in December 2002 with a degree in Music Education Cum Laude. While at Berklee, LeMarier studied with some of the greatest teachers available in the world while maintaining deans list honors in the process.

Performance has been a part of LeMarier's musical dreams since the beginning. He has been applying his knowledge and skills to original and cover rock band endeavors in the New England area. Past experiences have included stints with local bands Lackadaisic (now known as Grand Evolution), Object Permanence, and Psycle. While in Object Permanence, LeMarier also applied his music business skills doing all the booking, press pack, and club relations for the band. The band wrote around fifty original tunes.  While with Psycle, LeMarier was able to perform at more prestigious establishments while also expanding touring to include all of New England.  Also, Psycle had a 5 song EP entitled What The World Needs that won Track of the Day among various other honors at garageband.com. His most recent performance stint was performing with local cover band Thirty6Red. LeMarier is also writing and recording songs to be performed and recorded in the future while supporting himself fully through other musical means.

Music education has been another passion for LeMarier. His teaching experiences include private lessons and teaching elementary band, middle school band, elementary chorus, elementary and middle school general music, and high school guitar and music technology classes. He has also performed in and directed the musicals Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, The Wizard of Oz, and The Music Man at the high school level.  Privately, LeMarier has been a constantly in-demand and respected educator. Teaching all styles and levels, he incorporates music theory, arranging, music notation, ear training, and musicianship skills in all his private lessons. LeMarier has privately taught people of all ages. He has future plans to write and publish instructional music materials. Public school instruction has added another aspect in his teaching. Always interesting and respected, he has become quite a popular figure in the schools he teaches at.

With his free time, LeMarier continues to work on music. He is currently available for studio work, composing, commercial music writing, arranging, and transcribing on a freelance basis. LeMarier continues to write and compose music in all genres. He is also looking into his options on obtaining his masters degree in music. 

Eric LeMarier is not just another guitar player. He is a musician playing in various rock band endeavors while still committing himself to all aspects and styles of music. LeMarier is comfortable knowing that he has the gift of making his living in music.


2004-2011 Eric LeMarier

Future Performances:

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Eric LeMarier's Resume

Teaching Recommendations:

Mark Collozzi - Supervisor of Music, Cranston Public Schools (RI)

Mark Garceau - Principal, Gladstone Elementary School (Cranston, RI)

Tina Carter - Program Manager of Kidventure afterschool program, Gladstone Elementary School (Cranston, RI)

Beth Kershaw Shirley - Instrumental Music Itinerant Teacher, Cranston Public Schools (RI)

Cheryl McWilliams - Band and Chorus Teacher, Tolman High School (Pawtucket, RI)

Kenneth Blackman - Principal, Rhodes Elementary School (Cranston, RI)


Performance Equipment Used:

Mesa Boogie 3 Channel Triple Rectifier Head

Marshall JVM410H Head

5150 Combo Amp

Mesa Boogie 4x12 Standard Cabinet

5150 Cabinet

Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar

Peavey Wolfgang Special Guitar

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Bass

Music Man Axis Guitar

Taylor CE-314 Acoustic

Various Boss Effects

Mark Tremonti wah pedal

Sennheiser Wireless