Solo Material:
Eric LeMarier - Gone Away
Written for Linda LeMarier (8/8/48 - 1/10/04)
More about my mother...Linda LeMarier

Cover Selections:
Fuel - Bad Day (cover) (Fuel Website -
Papa Roach - Lifeline (cover) (Papa Roach Website -

Rock Selections:
Psycle - Stranded (Album version)
Psycle - What The World Needs (Album version)
Psycle - All I've Seen (Album version)
Psycle - How To Breathe (Album version)
Psycle - My Letter To You (Album version)
Psycle - Ghost Inside My Head (unreleased studio recording)
Psycle - Stranded (Live)
Psycle - What The World Needs (Live)
Psycle - Something That I'm Used To (Acoustic - Live)
Psycle - In Silence  (Live from my first show with Psycle) -

Object Permanence
Object Permanence - The Dream (Live)
Object Permanence - Inside (Live)
Object Permanence - Black Abyss (Rough Studio Recording)
Object Permanence - And Now Our Innocence (Rough Recording)
Object Permanence - Lonely Day (Rough Recording)
Object Permanence - Bettie Page (Rough Recording)
Object Permanence - Crawl To Me (Rough Recording)

Classical Selections:
Andantino - Matteo Carcassi
Waltz - Fernando Carulli
Tordiglione - Carlo Calvi

Pieces composed by Eric LeMarier:
A Night In The City
Music For The Stars
Lazy Spring
Festival Fanfare
Une Chanson du Vérité

Regis and Kelly Opening Music Demo (Entered into Live's 100 Grand Theme Song Search) (

Gateway Airlines (Gateway Website -

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