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Psycle Done Recording/Mixing/Mastering 5 Song EP

Psycle Has Won Awards on!

Psycle has just finished recording, mixing, and mastering on their 5 song EP tentatively titled What The World Needs.  Booking is also underway and it's hoped that Psycle will be playing new and better venues in the Spring or Summer.  To learn more about Psycle go to

Also in other news....

Psycle has already won awards with its newly released 5 song EP (soon to be out on CD) on Psyle has won following awards with the title song What The World Needs:

- Track of the Day (Dec 23, 2005) in Modern Rock
- Best Guitars in Modern Rock (week of Dec 19, 2005)
- Best Lyrics in Modern Rock (week of Dec 19, 2005)
- Best Melody in Modern Rock (week of Dec 19, 2005)
- Rocking Track in Modern Rock (week of Dec 19, 2005)
- Potential Soundtrack in Modern Rock (week of Dec 26, 2005)

and the following awards with the song entitled Stranded

- Track of the Day (Jan 10, 2006) in Modern Rock





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